Jason Momoa teases the Aquaman sequel will be way bigger than the original

Jason Momoa teases the Aquaman sequel will be way bigger than the original

We still have a few years to go until we get to dive back into the amazing world of Atlantis for Aquaman 2, but if Jason Momoa’s words are anything to go by, the DC sequel will be well worth the wait. James Wan’s Aquaman was a huge and very successful movie and as said by Jason Momoa, Aquaman 2 will be even bigger than the original.

Jason Momoa teases the Aquaman sequel will be way bigger than the original


The actor of the upcoming Apple TV+ series See recently addressed the scope of the sequel movie, saying: “There’s a lot more in store on so many more levels. There’s going to be a lot. It’s way bigger!

According to Jason Momoa, who spoke with ET at the premiere of See, Aquaman 2 will be a way bigger film than the original and it will have a lot going on and on numerous levels. That might seem apparent but if you’ve seen the first movie, you know that it absolutely wasn’t deficient in terms of scale. Aquaman was an absolutely huge blockbuster so if Aquaman 2 is going bigger, the question is how.

Aquaman wasn’t a small relatively limited story that planted seeds for a wider world to be explored in future films if the original was successful, a la say John Wick or Deadpool; Aquaman was massive. James Wan’s movie not only introduced us to Atlantis, but also to the seven undersea kingdoms, most of which we really got to see.

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The end of the movie also featured a ridiculously massive battle among these kingdoms, with loads of warriors and gargantuan sea creatures that is going to be tough to top in terms of sheer scale in Aquaman 2. Jason Momoa sounds confident that it will though and he actually had some ideas about how to make it happen.

The actor who plays Arthur Curry has said that he came in to Warner Bros. with a huge pitch for the sequel and that it is all figured out. It seems that Jason Momoa worked with the film’s writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and the two have got the story locked in.

What that story will be we can simply guess. One way Aquaman 2 could be bigger would be to bring in the surface world, which is where it seemed like things were heading based on the end of that movie and the post-credits sequence. Yahya Abdul-Mateen’s Black Manta will perhaps be back and he may not be the only foe Arthur Curry has to confront with if Jason Momoa’s indications about the sequel are any signal.


Patrick Wilson’s Orm may also be back but he possibly won’t be the big bad this time around. There are lots of diverse hints Aquaman 2 could take from the comics about where to take the story also. Whatever the story is, it sounds like we can anticipate it to be even bigger in scale this time around.

Aquaman 2 splashes into theatres on December 16, 2022.

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