Jason Momoa reveals his real body in this weird commercial

A weird Super Bowl ad starring Jason Momoa has left people feeling weird

Jason Momoa’s super bowl ad freaked absolutely everyone out. Everybody realizes the Super Bowl brings a decent amount of strange adverts, during a period where each man and his dog is viewing, however this commercial highlighting the Aquaman is truly something.

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The advertisement shows Momoa heading to his home, before heading inside, where he can ‘kick back and be totally comfortable in [his] own skin’. As he gets settled, the entertainer keeps conversing with the camera, while shedding the great muscles he is acclaimed for. Upon removing the largely built body, Momoa is left with incredibly thin arms and a thin and level stomach.

Later on in the clip, he even evacuates the long, thick hair from the top of his head, leaving a balding patch underneath. At the finish of the advert, the 40-year-old is joined by his better half, Lisa Bonet, who salvages him from an ill-fated gym session.

The advert, which was for Rocket Mortgages, a well known lending organization in the US, has been met with blended reviews, yet there’s no denying it’s an awkward watch.

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One viewer took to Twitter to plead with TV companies to never ‘ever show it again’, writing ‘this Jason Momoa Rocket Mortgage commercial is really disturbing’. A second person hailed Bonet as being ‘the only thing that saved that weird ass Jason Momoa commercial’, adding, ‘I’m honestly unsettled’.

This Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa just shook me to my core,’ a third wrote.

Clearly, the whole advert was jokingly, and one would trust Momoa hasn’t been tricking us for every one of these years with his great body and long, dark locks of hair. It’s really the workmanship of some truly noteworthy CGI.

Luckily, the peculiar ad had its fair share of supporters online, too, with one person tweeting: Oh man, that Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa was great. I want more ads like that tonight.



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