Game of Thrones’ Kristofer Hivju shares details of Tormund’s life after finale

Game of Thrones' Kristofer Hivju shares details of Tormund's life after finale


Many Game of Thrones fans were left disillusioned by the events of the series finale and with almost a year passing since HBO’s superhit fantasy saga coming to an end, one cast member shared some insights for what his character might be doing following the Battle of King’s Landing.

Westeros fans have been surprised by the final moments of Game of Thrones’ finale, particularly Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) succumbing to insanity and burning King’s Landing to the bottom.

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Dany was then killed by Jon Snow (Kit Harington), with many fan favorite characters tragically losing their lives.

Thankfully, Jon and his good friend on the Night’s Watch, Tormund (Kistofer Hivju) managed to stay alive in the end and decided to spend the remainder of their life North of the Wall.

Tormund star Kristofer Hivju himself not too long ago sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his character’s destiny.

Kristofer speculated his bond with fellow soldier Jon Snow can be stronger than ever following the show’s conclusion.

Game of Thrones' Kristofer Hivju shares details of Tormund's life after finale


Kristofer mentioned: “Jon is in a huge depression, so he needs Tormund to cheer him up, by the fire, warming each other.”

“Tormund is pretty heartbroken himself, so maybe they can bond over that.”

Unfortunately for the fans we didn’t get to see a final heart-to-heart between Jon and Tormund during season eight finale.

However, following the Game of Thrones star’s comments, it is a heart warming image to think of both the characters consoling each other by the fire.

Game of Thrones' Kristofer Hivju shares details of Tormund's life after finale


Kristofer also talked about the difficulty he and the rest of the cast had while saying goodbye to the Thrones’ cast.

He continued: “It hadn’t felt like it’s over. You ended when you wrapped, and then you ended when it airs, and then you ended when there’s some awards shows. But this felt like the last last thing. It feels good.”

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The fan favourite wildling was initially introduced in season three as an adversary to Jon Snow, but eventually warmed to the hero and they fought together on numerous occasions.

Finally, Kristofer added: “I gave everything to Tormund. I love the direction that the character went, with falling in love and becoming more of a comic relief buddy.

Game of Thrones' Kristofer Hivju shares details of Tormund's life after finale


“He started out as an antagonist on the show and he ended up as a big bear.”

Game of Thrones’ spin-off House of the Dragon is set to launch on in 2022, though work on the show hasn’t begun due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The Norwegian actor was not too long ago seen in crime drama Twin from his country, in which he played identical twins Adam & Erik in a gripping series of murder and id theft.

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Additionally, Kristofer will make his return to the fantasy genre when he portrays the character Nivellen in season two of Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher.



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