A Game of Thrones subreddit is the Most Popular TV Subreddit of 2019

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Send a raven: Two “Game of Thrones”-driven subreddits landed at the top of Reddit’s TV communities this year and the one that took the Iron Throne (or at least what’s left of it) is in fact the board known for rejecting to bend the knee to the now-ended HBO series.

'Game of Thrones' 2019's most popular TV subreddit


As indicated by Reddit’s 2019 Year in Review report, which was released recently, the “Freefolk” subreddit is the most famous of the platform’s TV communities, with the “Game of Thrones” subreddit coming in at No. 2 for the year.

The Freefolk community is famous for, among other things, candidly criticizing “Game of Thrones” makers Dan Weiss and David Benioff and posting/discussing leaks, while the straight “GoT” subreddit is generally the show’s major cheerleader and not as spoiler friendly. Freefolk is also well-known for raising above $130,000 for Emilia Clarke’s SameYou charity.

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The rest of Reddit’s Top 10 TV-focused pages incorporate, in order, “The Bachelor,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” “Big Brother,” “90 Day Fiance,” “Teen Mom OG”/”Teen Mom 2,” Dunder Mifflin (“The Office” subreddit), “Survivor” and Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise.

As you can see, reality TV had a huge year on Reddit, with seven of those 10 slots belonging to unscripted programming.

While the site positioned its 2018 year-in-review report by unique views, this year’s list is calculated based on “activity” (which incorporates posts and comments) through the end of October. A representative for Reddit reveals TheWrap that the two lists are still comparable regarding ranking the fame of TV communities year-over-year.

Fun fact: The Freefolk subreddit, the ruler of this year’s TV communities, didn’t even crack the Top 10 last year when looking at exclusive views. See beneath for extra discoveries from Reddit’s report.

*There has been a 27% raise in year-over-year subscribers in Reddit’s Top 50 entertainment communities.

*The top franchises of the year based on community activity are, in order, “Game of Thrones,” Marvel, “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and DC Cinematic.

*Here’s the year-over-year subscriber growth for Reddit’s Top 10 television communities:

1) r/freefolk – 164% YoY subscriber growth
2) r/gameofthrones – 46% subscriber growth
3) r/thebachelor – 96% YoY subscriber growth
4) r/rupaulsdragrace – 36% YoY subscriber growth
5) r/bigbrother – 29% YoY subscriber growth
6) r/90dayfiance – 119% YoY subscriber growth
7) r/teenmomogandteenmom2 – 68% YoY subscriber growth
8) r/dundermifflin – 42% YoY subscriber growth
9) r/survivor – 35% YoY subscriber growth
10) r/bravorealhousewives – 68% YoY subscriber growth


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