Where are these Game of Thrones actors now?

For an actor, getting cast on Game of Thrones is a double edged sword. From one perspective, it’ll gain you overall acknowledgment. Then again, your character will probably be executed off inside a few seasons and you’ll be starting over from the beginning looking for additionally acting work.

Obviously, on the off chance that you had enough of an effect on the show and warmed the hearts of its a huge number of fans, that won’t be an issue. Here are 5 Game of Thrones actors whose characters died on the show, and where they are now. You have to take classes that are available at Innovative Actor’s Studio`s website for further details.



As far back as his character Robb Stark went out in the most epic path in the scandalous “Red Wedding” scene, Richard Madden has been keeping really occupied. He featured in Disney’s Cinderella in 2015, the cutting edge redo that was so effective it persuaded the studio to revamp each and every one of its old films.

A year ago, he additionally played a DJ in the awkward, female-driven Netflix satire Ibiza with Gillian Jacobs and Vanessa Bayer. This late spring, he’ll be seen playing Elton John’s supervisor John Reid in the biopic Rocketman. In addition, he hasn’t abandoned TV – he likewise featured in the very popular series, Bodyguard.




Pedro Pascal is going to hit the big leagues. Of course, his job as the Red Viper in Game of Thrones placed him before a worldwide group of TV watchers. In any case, throughout the following couple of years, his profession will soar into the next level.

He’s in Wonder Woman 1984 and he’s been cast ahead of the pack job of The Mandalorian, the new Star Wars series that is being produced for Disney’s elite streaming service Disney+. Better late than never – Pascal has been acting since 1996, so it’s taken him 23 years to turn into a noteworthy star.




Following a little appearance in Batman Begins, Jack Gleeson got his enormous break as an actot with the role of Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones. While the character was all around detested, it would be uncalled for of the show’s fans to hold any ill will towards the actor, since he was basically playing a hateable character as hateable – and prevailing at it splendidly.

Gleeson resigned from acting when Joffrey was murdered off, so his acting vocation was over basically when it started. He established the Collapsing Horse Theater Company, and has since been putting on puppet shows.




Charles Dance has been around for quite a long time and he was known by film buffs some time before he was cast in Game of Thrones. His latest film appearance was with Rowan Atkinson in the government agent parody Johnny English Strikes Again, and he was likewise found in the all-female Ghostbusters reboot in 2016.

Dance has additionally got two or three prominent forthcoming projects on his timetable, including the prequel Kingsman: The Great Game, which will account the development of the mystery spy organisation toward the start of the twentieth century, and the spin-off Godzilla: King of the Monsters featuring Millie Bobby Brown.




This year, we’ll see Natalie Dormer in the motion picture The Professor and the Madman with Mel Gibson and Sean Penn. It’s the tale of the person who incorporated the Oxford English Dictionary from a mental asylum.

She additionally has a job in the primary cast of Showtime’s new Penny Dreadful spin off, City of Angels, which is set in Los Angeles during the 1930s. The series will mix Mexican legends with the Golden Age of Hollywood, the ascent of the Third Reich, and radio evangelism.



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