Video discusses new theory about what could have caused the Doom of Valyria

Aegon (Jon) and Daenerys are the last surviving individuals from House Targaryen that ruled Westeros for right around 300 years. The Targaryens were at one time a powerful house – particularly when they had multiple dragons.As big as the Targaryens appeared to be, in all actuality they were a relatively small House in Valyrian Freehold, the relentless domain that ruled a large portion of the world for a huge number of years. At that point, the Doom of Valyria happened, carrying with it the pulverization of castles, sanctuaries, towns, and, in particular, the demise of all Valyrian Dragonlords (and in addition their dragons).

The Targaryens would have all surrendered to a similar destiny if not for Daenys the Dreamer who anticipated the Doom twelve years previously it happened. It was a direct result of her vision that the Targaryens exited Valyria in time. They settled on the island of Dragonstone, from where they would later take over Westeros. You know the rest.

The Doom of Valyria

The Doom, then again, remains a puzzle. What/who caused it? There are a few hypotheses. Some say it was the Faceless Men, some say the Children of the Forest, others say both. A new theory has now come into light.

The Doom of Valyria included fire as well as magic, for the most part connected with Dragons, rather than ice as associated with the far North, The Lands of Always Winter, and obviously, the White Walkers. YouTube channel Alt Shift X recently put out a new theory that brings attention to the peculiar fact that Valyria and the Lands of Always Winter appear to be the what signify the ice and fire.

All things considered, both of these spots had their calamities. The Lands of Always Winter brought the Long Night and Valyria had the Doom. That, as indicated by Alt Shift X, influenced the world’s magic. Check out the video.

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The new theory by Alt Shift X

The theory starts with a prophecy. “The World of Ice and Fire” expresses that the Freehold’s magicians predicted that the gold of Casterly Rock would decimate them.

Casterly Rock is, obviously, the old seat of House Lannister, the most extravagant family in all of Westeros. What Lannisters didn’t have, be that as it may, was the Valyrian Steel sword. They purchased a Valyrian Steel sword, costing them a vast entirety of gold. It isn’t known who sold this Valyrian Steel sword (Brightroar) to the Lannisters. However, in the event that this gold went to Valyria it could’ve satisfied the prediction of Valyria’s devastation.

“The World of Ice and Fire” additionally says that the colossal groups of Valyria were associated with consistent clash which may have prompted the deaths of alchemists whose spells kept down the Fourteen Flames (the blazing heaps of Valyria).

As indicated by Alt Shift X, it was the Targaryens who sold Brightroar to the Lannisters. They afterward utilized that gold to pay the Faceless Men to complete these deaths, which prompted the Doom of Valyria. In the event that this hypothesis is valid, that would imply that Daenerys and Jon’s family took control through this destructive double-crossing, which may clarify why they were about wiped out amid Robert’s Rebellion.

That’s all the theorizing for now. Game of Thrones Season 8 airs in 2019.


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