This couple’s unique picture with Jason Momoa will make you chuckle

Relatively few ladies could resist the magnificence of Jason Momoa. This staggeringly gifted performer, who is fundamentally known for his roles of Jason Ioane in Baywatch and Khal Drago in Game of Thrones, unquestionably gets a great deal of consideration from female fans. Also, the fact is that the actor himself is joyfully hitched to actress Lisa Bonet.

Recently, one Imgur user approached her significant other for a solitary support – that is to have a photo taken with Jason Momoa without her better half in the shot.

“It’s true that I did kind of want to have my own picture (really, who can blame me?), but in reality, the only thing my husband “wasn’t comfortable with” was actually just the idea of us spending that much money on a picture if he wasn’t going to be in it, so he decided to make the most of it.” Liz disclosed to Bored Panda.

When they requested that Jason partake in their joke, the actor immediately concurred. “He handled it expertly: “Will you do prom pose with my wife while I stand photoshopping distance away?” “Hell yeah!” was Momoa’s immediate response.

Before I knew it, the camera flashed, and everyone in the booth around us was laughing. As we were shuffled toward the exit, I heard Momoa call out, “My man – that’s going to be the best one!”

Take a look.

Credits: Liz Medendorp

As of late, one couple got a great deal of eyes online with their imaginative fan pictures


In any case, one picture emerged specifically, it was a photograph with the good looking Jason Momoa


That’s right, that is Jason’s sign over the spouses face


While it seems like Liz is attempting her best to expel her significant other from the photographs,


Turns out that they were completely his idea.


Here’s the way he clarified his comical arrangement.


What’s more, numerous individuals on the internet found these photographs fantastically amusing.


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