The best memes and jokes from the final episode of ‘Game of Thrones’

The best memes and jokes from the final episode of 'Game of Thrones'

It’s the end of a period: “Game of Thrones” is officially over. After a poorly rated final season, the series finale of the show aired on Sunday night, and fans definitely had thoughts. The very last episode of the series tied up some loose ends while still leaving many questions open to explanation. It gave us one key character death and even led to a new ruler.

But most significantly, it gave us all some hilarious memes and jokes to watch online so we couldn’t feel too heartbreaking about the show being over.

We first had to watch Tyrion’s most emotional journey yet, which wasn’t easy

The saddest part of Daenerys and Jon Snow’s scene was Drogon’s reaction

Jon killing Dany was emotional, but others found some humor

Everyone was confused about why Drogon didn’t kill Jon

Sam tried to be fair, but no one wanted to hear it

He also apparently invented plastic water bottles

Sansa, queen of the perfect one-liners, shot down her uncle, and everyone loved it

Viewers couldn’t help but notice that Robin Arryn looked pretty different

But the biggest moment of the night was when Bran decided he did want to be king after all, despite never having shown any interest in it

And users had thoughts about Tyrion’s name for him

Also, Brienne wrote about Jaime, and everyone imagined what she probably should have written

Arya went on quite an unexpected journey

At least there was justice for Sansa

Viewers were left with a lot of legitimate questions

Still, fans had to admit there were some good moments, like Ser Davos’ character development

And Jon and Ghost’s perfect reunion

This is basically true

Of course, Sansa’s new position as Queen of the North was what everyone wanted to see

Plus, at least the Starks ended up where they pretty much wanted to be

In conclusion, this will be everyone next week



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