Sophie Turner reveals her secret circus skills on The Graham Norton Show

Sophie Turner reveals her secret circus skills at The Graham Norton Show

In Game of Thrones, she ruled the North as Sansa Stark; in Dark Phoenix, she has extraordinary telepathic powers as Jean Grey; and in real life, Sophie Turner is just as badass with a few hidden talents up her sleeve. Watch the amusing clip below and see Sophie joke about what she can do when she’s “warmed up.”

Last week, Sophie and her Dark Phoenix costars Jessica Chastain, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy sat down on The Graham Norton Show, where they opened up about some off-screen antics. Sophie, who was also exposed for doing this on the GOT set, has the ability to fall asleep whenever, wherever, even in uncomfortable circumstances like a tall director’s chair.

What we didn’t know about her, though, is that it’s her implausible flexibility that lets her to fall asleep in these wild positions. The 23-year-old confessed that she learned “circus skills like an aerialist” when she was younger and is absolutely “a little bendy” now.

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Because being able to keep Game of Thrones spoilers to yourself takes serious skills, but being able to put your leg behind your head is next-level ability!



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