Patrick Wilson celebrates Aquaman’s rise to become the highest grossing DC movie of all time

Patrick Wilson celebrates Aquaman’s rise to become the highest grossing DC comics movie of all time

Patrick Wilson is celebrating Aquaman’s rise to become the top-grossing DC Comics film of all time. Wilson plays King Orm in the movie. He celebrated by releasing the “King Orm 30 year challenge.”

“In celebration of Aquaman becoming the highest grossing DC film… I bring you the King Orm 30 yr. Challenge,” Wilson tweeted. “Thanks to my old friend Gabe Miller for the high school pic.”

Aquaman became DC’s highest-grossing movie over the weekend, when its worldwide box office total increased to $1.09 billion, surpassing The Dark Knight Rises’ $1.085 billion.

Aquaman director James Wan already commented on Aquaman’s rise to the top.

“For years Aquaman has been an orange-shirted punchline…No one is laughing anymore,” Wan said. “And this weekend when the King of Atlantis surpasses the Dark Knight of Gotham City, orange will officially be the new black for Warner Bros. Crazy.”

“Firstly, massive LOVE and THANK YOU to the fans and audiences around the world,” Wan said in a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter). “I’ll forever be indebted to Jason for turning Aquaman into one of the coolest, cinematic superheroes ever, and becoming the gold standard for this character for generations to come.”

Aquaman is Wan’s second $1 billion film. His first was Furious 7 in 2015.

A sequel to Aquaman is already in progress at Warner Bros. Wan is rumored to come back to direct, but won’t make a deal until he’s seen a solid, “seaworthy” script.


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