Latest on-set pictures of Stranger Things raise doubts about Eleven.

More of Stranger Things season 3 pictures have come out recently. Highlights are Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, the 14-year-old actor seems, by all accounts, to be in trouble, encompassed by smashing sea waves. Check out the photographs beneath.

On Thursday Sept. 27, a part of the Stranger Things cast and crew were on location filming and recording in Malibu, California for season three of the Netflix show Obviously, that is somewhat a long way from Indiana, seems like we are no more in Hawkins now.

Millie B. Brown can be seen wearing a designed yellow shirt tucked into clearly oversized jeans. Eleven is seen screaming and crying and that does look worrisome.

Millie B. Brown also shared one of the pictures on her instagram and the caption read, “Wow they got an exquisite shot of me… Oh Eleven.”

Brown was also joined by co-star Aimee Mullins on the beach, who plays Eleven’s mom, stunt duplicates and a child in a baseball uniform.

Fans across are already thinking of some really intense theories and coming up with extraordinary speculations, as indicated by TeenVogue. Will this scene disclose to us something more about Eleven’s mom or her puzzling past? Some even believe that Eleven isn’t physically in California at all rather just dreaming of herself to be there. Others are speculating that the shooting area may have something to do with Max and Billy’s hometown or even time travel.


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