Kit Harington (Jon Snow) says Political Leaders are emulating King Joffrey

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) says Political Leaders are emulating King Joffrey

Kit Harington held a seat on The Late Show talk with where he talked about the up and coming last Season of HBO’s Game of Thrones with host Stephen Colbert, yet without giving any spoilers.

Talking about playing his character Jon Snow, whose seven seasons in the job incorporates strict demise and rebirth, for a long time, the performer said regardless he “can’t quite grasp” the dimension of acclaim the show has developed throughout the years. Harington additionally kidded that when he initially joined the show, he “couldn’t even grow a beard then.”

“All I knew is I booked a pilot on an HBO tv show and that was just winning the lottery anyway,” he clarified, calling the entire voyage “extraordinary.”

Harington additionally said that when looking at the time from when the show initially appeared to where the occasions are currently, it appears as though everything is “world’s apart.”

After Colbert referenced that the show is by all accounts a “big culture definer for the 2010s,” he further joked, “So we can blame you for where we are right now.”

“I got this theory that we kind of screwed the political landscape. I just felt like certain political figures tried to emulate [King] Joffrey and things went a bit wrong.”

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“Got the hair,” Colbert included.

Later on, Harrington likewise talked about the fact that it is so hard to not uncover any spoilers and the amount he neglected to effectively think about what might happen each season. “I had theories all along and all of them were wrong,” he revealed. “I’m quite glad I never told anyone my theories.” After Colbert squeezed Harrington to uncover what precisely his erroneous hypotheses were, Harrington wouldn’t move. “I can’t say zero. This is the problem, Stephen!”

The late-night have then started perusing his speculations which included: “The real game was how we made friends along the way;” “Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ plays and we suddenly cut to black;” and “Somebody dies in the final scene and we see George R.R. Martin say ‘that’s a great idea’ and he finally finishes his book.”

“Jon Snow has a son and names him Tony Stark,” Colbert stated, likewise including that it would be “ultimate crossover.” Harrington then broke his poker face and burst into giggling.

The eighth and last season of “Game of Thrones” will debut Sunday, April 14 at 9/8c on HBO.


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