Jason Momoa’s doppelgänger is a Cape Town surfer

Jason Momoa’s doppelgänger is a Cape Town surfer

A Cape Town man is causing a stir on social media thanks to his remarkable resemblance to “Aquaman” and “Game of Thrones” star, Jason Momoa. While the American actor has women across the world feeling all hot and bothered, Cape Town woman are now going fanatical for Saudiq Parker, 32, from Goodwood.

Jason Momoa’s doppelgänger is a Cape Town surfer


The freelance animator, who was brought up in Rylands and is Indian, says he did not expect the flood of comments, direct messages and friend requests from women wanting to know if he is the real deal.

Unlike Khal Drogo, Saudiq doesn’t ride a horse, but a surfboard. Saudiq says he first realized something was cooking when he visited a restaurant in Milnerton.

“There was a girl and she told her boyfriend I look like Aquaman. I heard that before, my sister says it was because of my sleepy eyes. I wasn’t trying to look like him and I have always had long hair. Growing my beard was really as a result of laziness because I work from home. I have a scar on my left eye from when I was 12. Then my sister did the slit in my eyebrow and I posted the picture about a month ago.”

Jason Momoa’s doppelgänger is a Cape Town surfer


Saudiq says since the post he has received more than 100 friend requests from women.

“I accept them all. It’s mostly single moms. It’s really bizarre with people asking if I am the real Aquaman.” Commenting on his photo, one woman wrote: “The world is coming to a halt. There is a single guy who is Jason’s twin.”

Saudiq confirms he is single and has no children apart from his adored pets, which include two boerboels, named Gunnar and May, an African Grey parrot and two corn snakes. Asked how he feels about all the attention, he says: “I did not expect it at all, but I am just rolling with it.”

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