Jason Momoa says he was made to appear shirtless for a fully-clothed scene in Aquaman

Aquaman Star Jason Momoa's Response To Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

Jason Momoa was asked to take off his tank top and appear “shirtless” for a scene in DC’s ‘Aquaman’ in spite of not being prepared. The 39-year-old star plays the main character in the new James Wan-directed superhero film, and he was “starving himself” to get the daring look when producer Peter Safran asked for he take off his shirt despite the fact that the star felt he “wasn’t prepared”.

Jason Momoa was asked to appear shirtless for a scene in DC's 'Aquaman'

Speaking to Collider, Momoa said: “I get called into an office and they did a test and I wasn’t supposed to be shirtless in this scene, I was supposed to have a tank top on because we weren’t ready to do the shirtless scene yet because it takes a long time, you have to starve yourself.

“I wasn’t ready yet and Peter Safran is like ‘we really want you to do this scene shirtless’ and i’m like ‘dude I’m not there yet’. So James [said] they really wanted that to happen, f**k it so I took the damn shirt off.

“At the end of the day Aquaman’s the kind of guy whose not sitting around doing sit-ups anyway, he’s got a pint and he’s missed happy hour.”

Jason Momoa was asked to appear shirtless for a scene in DC's 'Aquaman'

The DC actor also admitted that he’s never gotten such a wave of support from fans for any project he’s dealt with and admitted it’s a “great feeling”.

Jason added: “It’s never really happened to me so it’s an absolute great feeling to put in hard work and then people not be ripping apart before it comes out because that’s always the hard thing is making these movies and then critics just kill out and then they never see the light of day.

“It’s nice people are responding well to it.”


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