Jason Momoa melts everyone’s hearts with a surprise visit to his Grandma

Jason Momoa visits home and shares loving photos of himself with his grandmother

One more reason to be in love with Jason Momoa: he adores his grandma! The Aquaman superstar, traveled back to Iowa in early January to surprise his family with a visit home. In an Instagram post, he posted two lovable shots with his grandmother.


“Needed to come home to Iowa and give my grams some aloha Love u forever grandma 😍😍😍,” he wrote, adding the hashtags #Mabel, #thematriarch, #raisedbywomen, #loveuma and #hawaiianiowan.

In the first photograph, he and his grandma grin for the camera, whereas in the second they both sit and look out of the window together.


Momoa also added a witty joke at the end, referencing both of his home states.

“HAWAII backwards is IIAWAH. IOWA 😂Aloha j,” he wrote.

The actor also shared a photograph of his entire family outside of an Iowa diner. “My beautiful IOWA ohana,” he wrote. “Love u so much so proud of my cousins. My nieces and nephews are amazing love u babies.”

Momoa posted a full video of his visit home to YouTube on Monday.

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In the video, titled “Visited my home state of Iowa!”, the actor visits with friends, goes out to a diner, drives past his old high school — and hangs out with his grandma.

“I came home to see my grandma. She’s still got it. She’s still got her spirit,” Jason Momoa said in the clip. “It was awesome seeing her and seeing my whole family on my mom’s side.”

“It’s crazy because you go from Hawaii, where I was raised — but this is where I was raised,” the actor said. “These cornfields. This is America, and it feels like home to me. Well, it is home.”



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