Jason Momoa features in a hilarious PSA against plastic pollution

Jason Momoa has partnered with Real Deal Mada as part of a hilarious PSA against plastic pollution

Jason Momoa has grown a reputation for himself as an environmental warrior. This year he shaved his signature beard to make some buzz for his new company Mananalu, which produces canned water as a substitute of single-use plastic water bottles and now he has united with Real Deal Mada as part of a amusing PSA against plastic pollution.

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The 39-year-old actor’s video, featuring Mada, a former WWE Superstar, was just one snippet from a larger PSA from LonelyWhale, where they urged against the use of plastic water bottles. Momoa took to Instagram to support the initiative, writing: “Since we couldn’t be at the shoot this is my and @realdealmada contribution to the cause Mahalo @lonelywhale and everyone involved in this PSA.

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The video begins with Momoa walking out of a building, wearing a vintage t-shirt from the 1992 Pantera album Vulgar Display of Power under a black long-sleeved shirt. He then proceeds to slap a plastic water bottle out of a nearby man’s hand, and says, ‘It doesn’t matter how you hydrate, as long as you do it without using single-use plastic.

Momoa continues his crusade and slaps a bottle out of Mada’s hands. The two stand eye to eye and Momoa simply says, ‘What?’ The video then cuts to a shirtless Momoa in a bathtub, holding a champagne glass filled with ice, which he uses to numb his cut up face.

There are so many sustainable alternatives you can reach for,” Momoa says, while reaching for a reusable stainless steel bottle to fill his glass. “For our planet and for our future generations who depend on it,” Momoa continues, while clinking champagne glasses with Mada.

So please, stop using single use plastic water bottles,” Momoa says, taking another sip of water, and with that his PSA clip comes to an end.

Source: MailOnline


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