Jason Momoa discusses influence of “Justice League” characters on “Aquaman”

Warner Bros. is going to give Aquaman his first solo motion picture, yet this isn’t the primary excursion for star Jason Momoa. Aquaman effectively joined the Justice League, and those other DC legends left a blemish on the Atlantean saint.

Amid a press visit to the Aquaman set, Momoa examined which Justice League heroes left the greatest impact on Aquaman.

“I think everyone has really a lot of examples,” Momoa said. “I mean, me and Cyborg are definitely very much watching out for each other in the sense that I don’t trust him and he doesn’t trust me. I think we learn a lot from each other, you know what I mean? Wonder Woman, she’s easy on the eyes, so I’m going to listen to her a little more [laughs]. Bruce, I like to just, you know, ‘I don’t really wanna hear it. I’ll do it, not because you said, but I’ll do it.’

“And Ezra, I mean, Flash, he’s great ‘cause it’s just like a little brother. Which, in life, he is my little brother. We have a great time. I’ve known him for very many years. It’s a great dynamic and we’re all so different and so complimentary of each other, too, I think.”

Given this reflection, some may ask why the Justice League isn’t there to help Aquaman all through this new experience. Momoa has an exceptionally pragmatic response for that.

“I think it would cost a lot of money, probably. [laughs]. I don’t think we got it in the budget. But, I think it would be great. At some point, I’m pretty sure, if this does well and if that does well, probably the same thing that happened with Marvel, you know what I mean?”

Well, the DCEU is on shaky grounds and we doubt it’ll be seeing good days anytime soon. Aquaman premieres December 21st.


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