Jason Momoa confirms that Aquaman 2 story has been locked

Jason Momoa confirms that Aquaman 2 story is now bolted.

Last year’s release of Aquaman was a huge success for DC universe. While the DCEU’s best motion picture to date won’t get a sequel until late 2022, work has just started on Aquaman 2. Actually, they definitely know where the next part is heading because the story is locked down, as Jason Momoa clarified:

“I was really, really, really, passionate, to do the second one because it’s the first time where it’s all on Earth. It’s combining land and sea, kind of like what I’m doing with this [environmental cause]. There’s no outside aliens destroying Earth, it’s us. And so I was excited to get back in there, and so I’ve been working with our previous writer, and getting in there, and we’ve got a locked story, and we’re getting into it. And I think it’s going to be like in two years or whatever. The beard will be back by then.”

Aquaman Jason Momoa confirms that Aquaman 2 story is now bolted.- Behind The Scenes With Jason Momoa


Jason Momoa sounds very excited about coming back to the Aquaman job, and in spite of the fact that he didn’t give any insights about what it would involve, he revealed that the story for Aquaman 2 is now ‘bolted.’ So despite the fact that it is still years away, an arrangement is as of now set up for what will occur in the continuation of the $1 billion-earning film.

It additionally seems like the continuation could again be essentially centered around Arthur Curry’s story and possibly the connection between surface dwellers and those above versus extraterrestrial dangers.

We’ve recently heard that Aquaman screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick was coming back to pen Aquaman 2, and dependent on his remarks on The Ellen Show, Jason Momoa worked with him to nail down the story. Presently the entirety of that left is to make an interpretation of that story into a content and transform that into a motion picture. .

In spite of the fact that Aquaman 2 is far off and the story could absolutely transform, it is empowering that Jason Momoa would already be able to state that it is secured. That implies that he and those included have a specific idea with where they need to take the story and the characters.

Jason Momoa confirms that Aquaman 2 story is now bolted. is among the nominees for the 2019 Environmental Media Association Awards


With Jason Momoa obviously having some contribution on the narrative of Aquaman 2, it will be interesting to perceive the amount of an ecological message it has. While on Ellen, Jason Momoa was advancing his Mananalu water, aluminum-canned water that is recyclable and a choice to single-utilize plastic contains that frequently wind in the sea. He’s truly living Aquaman’s main goal to secure the seas and maybe that message will discover its way into the sequel film also.

In any case, there are a lot of directions the Aquaman 2 could go. Aquaman’s end-credits scene appeared to set up Black Manta and Dr. Stephen Shin as rivals in the sequel, and there are obviously different elements it could draw from also. Whatever the story is, Jason Momoa will likewise have his beard back by the time.

Aquaman 2 hits theaters on December 16, 2022. In any case, another Star Wars motion picture was simply reported for that equivalent date, so we’ll check whether Aquaman 2 remains in that spot


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