Japanese version of Aquaman poster totally looks like Finding Nemo

Not everybody liked the first poster of the solo Aquaman film set to release in December, and fans had made fun of it as well. Now, one of those fans has chosen to compare it with Finding Nemo.

Twitter user @deer_antelope did a direct comparison with the two next to each. The original, and the edited one with brighter blues, and some colors added, however with the Japanese text. Aquaman himself has been colored up a bit. The best detail, however, is the change in color of the corals below, which is really the cherry on top of the sundae. Check it out.

The caption translates: “The Japan rendition of AquaMan notice is terrible. It was dull and somewhere down in the base of the ocean, however the coral reefs were added to the shades of ‘ discoveries Nemo ‘.”

Some were contrasting the poster with Pixar’s creation anyway. This might be the closest we get to actually having Aquaman be a sequel to Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Aquaman director James Wan seems to be having a ball with every meme or edit this image is inspiring. In a recent interview, revealed that he does feel like he is making his own version of Finding Nemo.

“I love it.The irony is when people ask me ‘How hard is it making this movie? Is there a lot of visual effects?’ I generally always say ‘I feel like I’m making an animated movie. I feel like I’m making Finding Nemo.’ I have no problem with people making a relationship between this and Finding Nemo because that’s one of my favorite movies ever.”

Aquaman will be hitting the theaters on Dec. 21.


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