If you love Game of Thrones, The Witcher adaptation starring Henry Cavill could be your next favorite show

If you love Game of Thrones, The Witcher adaptation starring Henry Cavill could be your next favorite show

Game of Thrones comes to an end with the final Season set to air in 2019, and HBO is already working on the prequels. However, we all know how badly hungover we will be after the end of Thrones, and what better way to get over it than a brand new show that has every bit of potential as Game of Thrones to be epic. You might know the popular video game The Witcher, which is often described as the Game of Thrones of video games. Originally based on a series of books, it is being adapted into a Netflix show, and it stars none other than Henry Cavill!

DC Universe superstar, Henry Cavill, who plays the role of Superman, has just been revealed to be the lead star in Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher, being cast as Geralt. The Witcher already has a mass following of millions of fans, and we all know how high Netflix is flying lately, and it looks like all these things are about to come together to make Witcher the next big thing, if everything works out well.

Both the books and the video game center around the experiences of Geralt of Rivia, last of the Witchers, which are a breed of monster hunters. Witchers are human, but changed with some chemical and magical mumbo-jumbo to make them the ideal weapons for fighting the heavenly brutes and beasts that frequent the peculiar land, called The Continent.

Outfitted with otherworldly powers, elevated reflexes and extraordinary capacities, they can go up against monsters that would slaughter some other human – however obviously, they’re not invulnerable. Geralt is shown as a sharp edge for enlist in an agitated medieval world, however while he makes progress toward a basic life pursuing down creature bounties, he accidentally ends up at the focal point of gigantic political and imperial interests and calamitous occasions.

The Witcher is quite bold, too, like Game of Thrones, and has focuses on themes like race, politics and societal structures. Lauren Hissrich (The Defenders, Daredevil, and The West Wing) is leading the project, and has already finished the first draft of the pilot episode.

The series will be adapted from the books, and Geralt will follow the look he had in the video games, so it looks like this one is going to be a winner. Let’s just hope there’s no CGI for the facial hair in this one.


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