Harry Potter fans celebrate his birthday month with the “31 Days of Harry” challenge

Harry Potter fans celebrate his birthday month with the 31 Days of Harry challenge

July is an extremely exceptional month for fanatics of Harry Potter as it’s the birthday month for the dearest fictional wizard and his maker J.K. Rowling. While fans discovered a wide range of approaches to commend, a few fans went the additional mile and observed Harry’s birthday on July 31st as well as utilized the entire month as a recognition of the character.

As part of “31 Days of Harry” challenge on Twitter, numerous fan artists got their pen of choice and made some astonishing art including not simply Harry, but rather whatever remains of the characters from his Wizarding World. The final product is an extensive variety of staggering fan art – enough to assemble an amazing timetable of Harry Potter-themed July days.

So to observe Harry – but in a somewhat remiss birthday kind of way – we’ve picked a portion of our top picks from the “31 Days of Harry” challenge. Read on to see a portion of the mind boggling artwork fans have made for their most loved wizard and companions!


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