Game of Thrones gets its very own new slot casino interactive game

Game of Thrones gets its very own new slot casino interactive gameAs per an official press statement from developer Zynga, Game of Thrones will get its own one of a kind slot casino interactive game, which will be downloadable by means of the App Store as well as Google Play. “A new entry to Zynga’s social casino portfolio, the game transports players to the realm of Westeros for an authentic, social slots experience inspired by the acclaimed Game of Thrones television series from HBO.” Said Zynga president Bernard Kim

So what precisely does the game enable you to do? You can join or shape your very own House as you work your way around the guide of the Seven Kingdoms and battle against different Houses to guarantee territory claim. The ultimate objective is to sit on the Iron Throne, Play the closure you need into reality!

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As long-term fans of the series, Zynga is honored to add to the Game of Thrones universe, and compelled by a solemn obligation to furnish players with an encounter that reflects the scale, scope, intensity, and community of the series. The visual and audio design of the game truly evokes marquee moments from the series, and with our House-themed social features, players can band together to chase the throne themselves.

Zynga introduces the game’s highlights below:
Authentic Game of Thrones atmosphere.
Slots casino gameplay is steeped with the sounds, characters, environments, and ethos of Westeros, including unforgettable dialogue such as “Winter is coming.”

Best-in-class slots features. Spin on exciting, Game of Thrones-themed machines, featuring real-word mechanics like Progressive Jackpots, Bursting Wilds, and more

Join a House and reap the rewards.
Gain advantages and rewards by joining or forming a House with other players, collecting coins for every housemate’s win

Strategize, scheme, align.
Connect and conspire with friends via the in-game chat at any time, even when spinning the slots.

Collect iconic cards.
Spin to earn and level up cards featuring characters from the series, from the adventurous Arya Stark, to Jon Snow’s beloved companion wolf, Ghost. Collect all of the cards to earn a massive rewards.

You can download this game now through the App Store or Google Play. To know more about the game, head to the official site


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