Your complete guide to Aquaman star Jason Momoa’s many tattoos

Between his bulging biceps and ample faux-tattoos in the Justice League trailer, you may have overlooked actor Jason Momoa‘s real ink . . . but he’s no stranger to body art. From sentimental (and permanent) family mementos to fierce tribal crests, Jason has quite the collection of tattoos, and we’ve rounded up all of the visible ones for your pleasure.

1. Right outer forearm tattoo that reads “Etre toujours ivre”

Jason and stepdaughter Zoë Kravitz have matching ink, which roughly translates to “be always drunk.”


2. Right middle finger tattoo that reads “Diablo”

The tattoo, which Jason often shows off by flipping off the camera, was in memory of a friend who passed away.


3. Chest tattoos of his kids’ signatures

Jason’s two kids, Lola and Wolf, drew signatures which their proud papa got permanently inked.


4. Left forearm tattoo of tribal shark teeth

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In one of Jason’s appealing interviews, he disclosed that his large forearm tattoo is his family’s crest, which represents their guardian, the shark. “It’s supposed to take the darkness out and bring in the light, but we’re still working on that,” he said of the shark-tooth pattern.


5. Right inner forearm tattoo that reads “Pride of Gypsies”

Your complete guide to Aquaman star Jason Momoa's many tattoos

Jason’s production company is also called Pride of Gypsies, which is inspired by the fierce collectiveness of a lion pride and the nomadic, free-spirited aspect of gypsy culture.

“Pride of Gypsies was founded by Jason Momoa in 2010, a tribe of artists & filmmakers with an enthusiastic thirst for creating unique and inventive content, harnessing an atypical approach to production,” describes the company website, which aims to “innovate” and “improve the human spirit.”


6. Small skull below his right thumb

Your complete guide to Aquaman star Jason Momoa's many tattoos

Because why wouldn’t you want a tiny, badass skull on your hand? Jason has his priorities straight.



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