Aquaman star Jason Momoa teases the future of DC movies

Aquaman star Jason Momoa teases future of DC movies

Let no one say Jason Momoa takes this life for granted. Just watch and listen to him shout “I love you, Warner Bros.!” as he races down the studio hallway. Studio hallways are typically boring as hell, but on this day they were filled with bliss and laughter.


Yes, “gleefully screaming” is an ideal description for how Jason Momoa exited that DC office. Jason Momoa has us pumped for what’s next for Aquaman in the Warner Bros./DC Extended Universe. His joy is contagious.

What the hell was he talking/screaming about? It’s possibly related to Aquaman 2 in some way. It was just a few days ago that the news spread that David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick were hired to write the screenplay for the sequel.

Perhaps Jason Momoa was coming out of a pitch meeting, bursting with spoilers on the plot of Aquaman 2? All we can do is speculate. Because, as he noted, we have no idea what’s coming. It’s early days for Aquaman 2, and it’s not obvious yet if director James Wan will return. Hopefully he’s holding out for all the money after the success of the Aquaman.

Aquaman star Jason Momoa teases future of DC movies


Aquaman isn’t finished profiting. It’s still playing in some theaters after its December 2018 release. Until now, the DC Extended Universe film has made $1,121,986,102 globally. That’s the most not just for the DCEU but for any DC Comics film so far.

Aquaman will have its digital release on March 5, with Blu-ray/DVD on March 26. James Wan won’t be doing a commentary but there will be lots of behind-the-scenes featurettes. In addition, there’s buzz of an Aquaman spinoff coming out following The Trench. That’s in addition to the planned Aquaman 2 sequel.

One of the best parts of knowing Aquaman will be back on the big screen is knowing Jason Momoa will be promoting it the whole way. He’s a blast to watch, in Instagram posts, and in other videos, tweets, and interviews. Momoa is a huge defender of the DC world, standing up for his boy Henry Cavill (Superman) and just having a great time in the franchise. He’s an ideal ambassador for the DCEU.



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