Aquaman Spin-off “The Trench” likely to hit the theaters before Aquaman 2

Aquaman Spin-off "The Trench" likely to hit the theaters before Aquaman 2

Aquaman spin-off film The Trench will probably touch base before Aquaman 2.

Producer Peter Safran addressed The Hollywood Reporter about the horror spin-off to the Aquaman film that is a work in progress with him and director James Wan, which will concentrate on the unpleasant submerged kingdom The Trench that was highlighted in the first Aquaman film.

“We always, even from the early concept art days, loved the idea of a Trench movie,” said Safran.

“Then, when audiences embraced it in the movie itself the way they did, particularly that ant farm shot where the camera follows the Trench [creatures] following Arthur and Mera down into the deep, we just knew that we had something very special there and we knew what that movie should be.”

Aquaman Spin-off "The Trench" likely to hit the theaters before Aquaman 2


Accordingly, with the excitement for The Trench, it is likely it will be discharged before a direct Aquaman spin-off.

“And consequently, I suspect that that’s one that will come out significantly before Aquaman 2.”

The maker affirmed that stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard would be missing from the film, however, that The Trench would be set sequentially after the first Aquaman film.

Warner Bros sounds like they’re quick to investigate the universe of Aquaman as it’s own universe of movies, and Safran says he and Wan are following some guidelines from the Conjuring experience.

“We’ve definitely taken a page from our Conjuring playbook, which is: You’ve got the mothership, which is Aquaman, but there are so many great stories to tell within that universe of itself, that Atlantean universe.”

That unquestionably sounds energizing.

Aquaman 2 isn’t expected to touch base until 2022, so expect The Trench any year prior to that!



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