Aquaman became the latest film to get the Honest Trailers treatment

Aquaman became the latest film to get the Honest Trailers treatment

Who might have suspected that Aquaman would turn into the highest grossing DC Comics film at the global box office? Following the doom and gloom of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the motivation of Wonder Woman, director James Wan steers us directly into the most unusual and most stunning installment of the DC Extended Universe yet.

Luckily, it’s hell of lots of fun, even despite of some truly dumb moments. And there’s simply enough stupidity for Honest Trailers to get some great shots in there.

Aquaman has it all: knights riding sharks, water-powered plasma cannons, underwater politics and conspiracy, high-tech pirates, dinosaurs, Willem Dafoe with a man-bun, a kaiju breaking through lava, skydiving into a desert, bad red wigs, and an octopus playing the drums. And that’s not even counting all of the insane things that occur in the final battle.

All joking aside, there really is a lot to love about Aquaman, particularly when you think how fantastical and ethereal it is. It’s unlikely nearly every other comic book film out there, even getting more bizarre than the Thor franchise. But the trouble is when you have something like this, which nearly completely undoes any bit of goodwill that the rest of the film might create.

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Who figured it would be a smart thought to have Pitbull rap (the inquiry could finish there), and afterward include the chorus from Toto’s “Africa,” especially after Weezer already did the best job covering this song? Anyway, remember to perceive How Aquaman Would Have Ended, which perhaps would have been much sooner.

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