Actress Gwendoline Christie feels Brienne of Tarth actually won at Game of Thrones

Actress Gwendoline Christie feels Brienne of Tarth actually won at Game of Thrones

Since “Game of Thrones” got over, Gwendoline Christie has been asking neighborhood taxi drivers what they thought, both of that last scene and the series in general. The conspicuous on-screen character, 40, doesn’t appear to mind what the genuine pundits think — she’s keen on the fan response. While speaking to The Spec, she mentioned, “They might not be telling the truth but so far, everyone’s really positive,” Christie says. “Everyone’s said they didn’t expect that ending, but they could see why it made sense.”


Actress Gwendoline Christie feels Brienne of Tarth actually won at Game of ThronesFor Christie, talking on a mid-day break from practices for a creation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at London’s Bridge Theatre, the finish of the beloved HBO series was fulfilling. It gave her character, Ser Brienne of Tarth, what Christie thinks about as a great character ending.

“I could not believe that I made it all the way through,” the actress says of her character’s survival, laughing. “And I was in the end of the final episode. Brienne makes it through and has a life beyond. I found that incredibly positive and unexpected. And she gets a great last line.”

Christie felt a solid association with Brienne since before she was even cast on the show in Season 2. The on-screen character was so constrained to get the job that she went through about two months getting ready for her tryout, gorge perusing three of George R.R. Martin’s books and preparing to get physically fit. While filling in as a canine walker to her tutor, entertainer Simon Callow, she went through hours consummating Brienne’s walk. The actor was driven on the grounds that she couldn’t accept this character could exist on TV.

Actress Gwendoline Christie feels Brienne of Tarth actually won at Game of Thrones

“I did everything I possibly could to make it happen,” Christie remembers. “I knew that emotionally I could identify with the character, but where the work had to go was into the differences, which was all of the physical elements and all of the physical strength. I was very scared to go near my androgyny, my masculinity and my physical strength — and the strength with which I felt some of my own opinions, especially some of my opinions about women. It was the opportunity to do something I knew I needed to do, which was to undergo a change and undergo a transformation and get in touch with who I truly was and how I’ve been made physically and who I am as a person.”

She includes, “I felt that regardless of whether the show turned out poorly, it didn’t make a difference, since I would get the chance to carry out a responsibility and I’d get the chance to explore that as work. That, to me, is what being a craftsman implied.”

After she joined the cast, Christie rapidly ended up mindful that she wasn’t the main individual fixated on Brienne. Fans inclined toward the character, an honorable warrior focused on her obligation and to making the right decision.

“I don’t have the foggiest idea what plans 1/8 the writers 3/8 at any point had for that character, however I was stunned by how grasped the character was by the group of spectators,” she notes. “I didn’t believe that would occur. I didn’t believe that is the thing that spectators needed, in light of the fact that we’ve been informed that is not what crowds need.”

The comprehension of Brienne as a solid, unusual lady may clarify a portion of the reaction in the last season, when the character lays down with Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) after the Battle of Winterfell. A few fans were disturbed that Brienne shows her vulnerable side when Jaime leaves to go to his sister, however Christie feels it’s significant for us to see a lady in the entirety of her hues — not simply in the manner we’ve become used to seeing her.

“When you’re about to lose something that has truly meant something to you, it can destroy you, and I don’t think there’s any weakness in that,” Christie reflects.

“What I liked was that happens, but then she goes back to work. She doesn’t follow him, does she? She stays with Sansa and she does her duty. And she did get her happy ending, and her happy ending wasn’t defined by a man. What completes her as a character and what makes her three dimensional as a character is the fact that she becomes open about her feelings.”

Since leaving “Game of Thrones,” Christie has been wondering about her own happy ending. The day after the series wrapped, Christie left to shoot Armando Lannucci’s upcoming film, “The Personal History of David Copperfield,” an undertaking that was quite “blissful.”

Christie now wants to be directly involved in her future projects, and would also like to create something for others. “With Brienne, we were on the same page, but that doesn’t happen with every job,” the entertainer says. “I need to be more creatively involved in the things I work on.”


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