6 plot threads Game of Thrones totally abandoned

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

After 8 years of political strategy and backstabbing, violence, dragons, Starks and Lannisters, deaths and rebirths, lights and shadows, monsters and men, Game of Thrones is over. The show came to a close with series finale The Iron Throne, which decided many main character arcs and plot threads.

Whether it just wasn’t significant to the main story, they didn’t have time, or they sort of forgot about it, there are several plots left unsettled by the end of Game of Thrones.


1. Jaqen H’ghar

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

Yes, a man was there to coach a girl, but long before Jaqen (or the person with that face, at least) was teaching Arya how to wipe floors and clean corpses for hours on end, he was in the Black Cells of the Red Keep, and that’s where the actual mystery lies.

We still don’t know if the first Jaqen, the one who was in the Cells, is the accurate identity of the person, or just one of the numerous faces a man has worn. Whether he really was just a criminal who was assumed by the Faceless Men, or a Faceless Man all along.

On top of that question, we’re left with a skilled murderer who can alter his face either being imprisoned, or taking the place of someone who was, either of which would’ve been a intentional act, but without any clarification of WHY they did so. Or what duties he was attending to during Seasons 3 & 4.

As if those Faceless Men mysteries weren’t sufficient, there’s then the fact that Arya has some faces with her when she arrives at Winterfell, and yet never uses the training again (that we see, anyway).


2. Illyrio Mopatis’ Plans

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

When Varys left Westeros with Tyrion Lannister by his side – or in a box – and the pledge of better things to come under the rule of Daenerys Targaryen, it wasn’t too much of a shock. The Spider had long been scheming for Targaryen rule, going right back to Season 1, when Arya Stark unintentionally tripped upon him having a discussion about it.

But what about the man he was having that conversation with?

Illyrio Mopatis only appeared in two episodes of Game of Thrones: one was to present Daenerys with the wedding gift of three dragon eggs, and the other was to conspire with Varys. Tyrion and Varys go to his house in Season 5, but Illyrio himself isn’t seen. By the time Dany is in Westeros and well supported by others, there’s still no indication of him gathering back to her cause?

Was he making the case for her somewhere else in Essos? Did he help and we just didn’t see it? Where did he get those dragon eggs from in the first place? In spite of being caught up in the Spider’s web, this one appears to have gotten away long ago.


3. Quaithe

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

While we’re on the topic of things from Qarth that come out momentarily and are then never mentioned again, there’s Quaithe, who grips the hotly-contested title for being the most mystifying character to ever emerge on the show.

A mysterious shadow binder from Asshai, she interacts with Jorah Mormont and is apparently able to properly prophecise his passing through Old Valyria, while also taking an intense concern in Dany and her dragons. She’s even more predictive in the books, though the show cut lots of her key lines.

Even with those alterations, though, she’s still a very odd figure, from the gold mask to the enigmas she speaks, but after just a couple of episodes she’s never heard from again.


4. The Warlocks Of Qarth

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

It’s the beginning of Season 3. Daenerys has dealt with the Warlocks of Qarth, got her dragons back, and is ready to carry on moving forward, when a little girl moves toward her, hands her a lethal manticore, and disappears.

The girl was sent to murder Daenerys by the Warlocks, with the proposition quite obviously being that they hadn’t forgiven or forgotten, and were still going to come after her.

And then they’re never mentioned again. You can sort of notice why, because Daenerys’ plot across Seasons 3 & 4 is some of her most focused on the whole show, with a apparent sense of thrust, and muddying that with a warlock reprisal plot might’ve got in the way. But it’s also very peculiar to set it up and then never go back to it.


5. Daenerys’ Infertility

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

Back in Season 1, Mirri Maz Duur made a prediction to Daenerys, telling her that Drogo will be as he once was “When the sun rises in the west, sets in the east, when the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves.” That much happens in the books too, excluding there’s an additional line to it: “When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child.

That never made it into the show; meaning Daenerys’ capability to have children was never mentioned or questioned by other characters… until Season 7, when all of a sudden absolutely everyone was running their mouths about how she can’t have children.

Now, perhaps that’s all just setup for Sansa telling the empire that Bran can’t have kids first opportunity she gets, but it definitely felt like it was leading somewhere, like Dany getting pregnant to be exact. But it never happened, her ability to have kids (or not) wasn’t mentioned in Season 8, and then she took a knife to the heart. What gives?


6. The Iron Bank

7 plot threads 'Game of Thrones' totally abandoned

Back in Season 7, Cersei Lannister struck a deal with the Iron Bank, whereby she paid off the existing debt but took out a new loan to hire The Golden Company. Yep, that went well. Not only did the Golden Company have the anger to edge without the promised elephants, but they also turned out to be pretty worthless when faced with a huge dragon, leading to their and ultimately Cersei’s death.

But this is the Iron Bank, who, much like real bankers, aren’t going to care much for things like death (or dragons, for that issue) when there’s money payable.

They’ve came calling to new regimes before to gather the debts of the old ones, so where are they now? Will they be coming to King Bran? Is the Iron Bank fine with not being repaid? Is Bronn going to sail over to Braavos and deal with them? Who knows.



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