30 fails in Game of Thrones that made the fans go crazy

30 fails in Game of Thrones that made the fans go crazy

<>Lots of people were left disappointed following a rather anticlimactic ending to popular TV series, Game of Thrones. From characters that suddenly went AWOL to gaps in the story, and unnecessary twists, it is safe to say the deviation from George RR Martin’s books didn’t go exactly according to plan. For many, the ending was a bit rushed.

‘Inside The Episode’, hosted by GoT showrunners, David Benioff and D.B Weiss gives viewers an understanding of what goes down behind the curtains of this outstanding series. But, rather than the captivating peek that was intended, the show comes off as ordinary and manages to take the shine off the series.

Reveals, like when it was said that “Dany kind of forgot about the Iron Fleet”, only add credence to viewers’ opinions that many of the storyline decisions were impromptu. Consequently, the series achieves the exact opposite for which it was intended, and shows viewers bloopers they ordinarily wouldn’t notice.

Subsequently, GoT viewers, most of whom were just looking for someone to pour their frustrations for a botched ending on, jumped on the ‘Dany’ statement, and lots of hilarious GoT memes popped up. There are a number of such memes and most of these memes explain aspects of the show that, once checked out, left us like ‘wowww’.




If you had the power to, what would you change in the final season of Game of Thrones? We stumbled upon Artist, Benjamin Dewey’s interview with BoredPanda about his superbly titled series, ‘The Scenes I Wish We’d Got’, and couldn’t agree more with what he had to say.

According to Benjamin: “In 2008, a friend of mine, Wendy (who has since passed away) worked at Powell’s (a local book retailer). When I told her that I liked dragons, monsters, and knights, she said, ‘You’ve got to read this series of books; they’re amazingly detailed fantasy’, and she gave me a ‘Game of Thrones’. I didn’t totally get it at first, but by the end of that book, I became a believer. Now I’m a super-fan, and I’ve read as much of the supplemental material as I can lay my hands on, and like most people, I can’t wait for Winds of Winter.”




“I am a sucker for fantasy in general, but I particularly love it when stories build their momentum from the behaviour of their characters. I like a spectacle as much as anyone; however, if it doesn’t tie in to events, then it’s utterly pointless. George R.R. Martin realizes this, and ensures the fantastical is pressed into the service of exposing the tragedies and victories of everyday life.”




“Daenerys rides a dragon, but at the end of the day, she is left seeking comfort and safety of the house with the red door. We fall in love with her because we understand her motivations. That amalgamation of the quotidian and the spectacular is in perfect balance in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’”




One major factor that contributes to the decline of the GoT series, according to Benjamin, is the story compaction. “It’s just what happens often. Actors grow older, budgets are set, contracts expire, and shooting locations become unavailable. George R.R. Martin wants to do two more books that have fifteen hundred-page manuscripts. He takes his time doing it because it is tough to spin such a complicated web of characters.”




“The showrunners went ahead of themselves, and put themselves in an unenviable position trying to fit in two large novels into six T.V episodes. Revamping great books with a new cast produces far better results than trying to hastily wrap things up on an unfinished phenomenon.”




“Game of Thrones is a show that has to live up to lofty standards set by its previous seasons. What is good for the gander is not necessarily good for the geese. There are things in the show that viewers don’t want, and there are various reasons for that.”




“I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the writers of the series, or to show frustration at the shoddy decision making, which weaken the set-up of the show. However, as my wife taught me, it is possible to enjoy the aspects of a cultural artifact you like, and not write off the entire thing because you feel its imperfect. That’s a good nugget. Everything, and everyone has faults.”




Benjamin expresses his disappointment that GoT producers overlooked important parts of the story to hastily end the show. He said he understands it, but further opines this scenario could have been avoided.

“Not everyone has creative jobs; hence, they certainly don’t understand the struggles associated with creating art for others. I, as an artist can only imagine what it feels like to be part of the production crew. The show is a global phenomenon”.




“Lots of people have opinions, but do not possess a deep knowledge of the processes involved. Majority of them lack information, and are unproductive when it comes to writing, film or art. Audiences have a strong connection with media they engage with, and their love for a thing doesn’t necessarily translate to a positive relationship”.




“However, I am pleased that more and more people are starting to take an interest in the plot and character development. Consequently, I’d love to encourage anyone who feels he or she could have done a better job to go produce their own stories. I hope people learn to enjoy and explore things, and events, rather than offering an endless barrage of criticism. I am definitely inspired to make the best things I can, and will certainly apply lessons I’ve learnt from this series to develop myself.”











































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