30 Amazing before and after pictures that reveal the art of Hollywood special effects makeup

30 Amazing Before and After Pictures That Depict the Amount of Effort Invested in Hollywood SFX Makeup

Making movies requires massive amounts of time, effort and resources. If you’re in doubt, check out the complexities involved in applying makeup on Hollywood actors on movie sets. You’d be surprised at how much time it takes to get even the simplest-looking makeup done, likewise what is required to create realistic fantasy and sci-fi characters.

To illustrate the sheer amount of work required to carry out Hollywood standard makeup, we’ve gathered some mind-blowing before and after, as well as step-by-step makeup pictures. Who would have thought making Ian Mckellen into Gandalf required more than wearing a beard wig and a hat?


1. Eddie Murphy – Coming To America


2. Naomi Grossman – American Horror Story Series


3. Robin Williams – Mrs Doubtfire

Hollywood makeup artists lead difficult, yet exciting and intense lives. However, their work isn’t all that straightforward.

Movie makeup artists can be broadly divided into 4 based on their roles. Foremost are the vital makeup artists who create the makeup worn by lead actors.In essence, they are responsible for the stars.

Their duties also include creation of complex and elaborate makeup designs and supervision of other makeup staff, hence ensuring continuity and consistency in the appearance of makeup throughout the movie shoot.


4. Richard Brake – Game Of Thrones


5. Doug Jones – Crimson Peak


6. Charlize Theron – Monster


Furthermore, we have the regular makeup artists whose jobs are to make the supporting actors look good. They work following strict instructions from lead makeup artists.

Equally important are the makeup assistants who organize makeup kits. In addition, they carry out little tasks essential for smooth running of the operation. They’re the unsung heroes of every movie.


7. Karen Gillan – Avengers


8. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator


9. Danny DeVito – Batman Returns


10. Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant


11. Chris Hemsworth – Avengers Endgame


12. Bill Skarsgård – It


13. Gary Oldman – Hannibal


14. Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice

Finally, there are the special effects makeup artists. These people probably have one of the coolest jobs in the movie industry. They are tasked to create special makeup effects, such as prosthetics.


15. Ron Perlman – Hellboy


16. Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight


17. John Rhys-Davies – Lord Of The Rings


18. Ian Mckellen – Lord Of The Rings


19. Tim Curry – Legend


20. Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool 2


21. Jim Carrey – How The Grinch Stole Christmas


22. Emma Thompson – Nanny Mcphee


23. Jacob Tremblay – Wonder


24. Eddie Redmayne – The Theory Of Everything


25. Richard Armitage – The Hobbit


26. Tilda Swinton – Grand Budapest Hotel


27. Angelina Jolie – Maleficent


28. Josh Brolin – Deadpool 2


29. Gary Oldman – Darkest Hour


30. Kae Alexander – Game Of Thrones

30 Amazing Before and After Pictures That Depict the Amount of Effort Invested in Hollywood SFX Makeup



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