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Sunday’s battle was the long-time-coming Battle of Winterfell, where we knew we’d be bidding farewell to a lot of characters…including Theon Greyjoy, because let’s be frank, the whole plan for him to personally guard Bran from the Night King was, uh, shaky at best.

But even though we mostly knew Theon’s death was coming…

It didn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to a character who has motivated EXTREMELY COMPLICATED feelings throughout the series.

‘Cause remember: This is the guy who betrayed the Starks back in Season 2, had two innocent boys killed and burned, waffled on helping Sansa escape her marriage to Ramsay Bolton, and jumped overboard when his sister was in danger.


Buttttttt also: He’s the guy who risked his life to help Sansa escape/reunite with her family at Winterfell, saved his sister Yara, and held off the wights long enough to help make **that** moment when the Night King was defeated possible.

It’s been a JOURNEY.

And fans pointed out that, in the end, he died doing what he had always tried to do — which was protecting his family…

Assuming his role as the big brother…

Being truly himself again, at the place where his whole story started…

And finally being accepted at Winterfell as his home.

Fans pointed out that not only was Theon’s character arc a powerful story of redemption…

…but it also challenged the idea that a hero could only be someone who’s never messed up.

(And obviously, we just can’t rave enough about how wonderful Alfie Allen’s acting was throughout all of this!!)

So, honestly, we gotta pour one out for our man Theon Greyjoy…

Dude has been through just about everything, and if he had to go, we’re happy that he at least died as a hero.

(But also like…we wouldn’t be mad if someone could get the Drowned God to pull some strings for us? Y/N?)

Because at the end of the day, folks, we’ve never had a character quite like Theon Greyjoy, and we might never get another one like him again.

And listen, what the ironborn say is true: What is dead may definitely never die — at least in our hearts.

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