17 behind the scenes pictures of Jon Snow that will make you love Kit Harington even more

We all know Jon Snow as one of the most well known and loved Game of Thrones characters. A large number of fans everywhere throughout the world absolutely love him. In the last season, we learnt that he is a Targaryen. We anticipate more about his identity will be revealed in the final season. British actor Kit Harington plays the role of Jon Snow on the show. The HBO show skyrocketed him to popularity making him a globally loved star.

While we all love Kit’s portrayal of Jon Snow and his acting, the star is adorable off screen as well. Here are 17 pictures of Kit Harington behind the scenes playing Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, that will make you love him even more.

The Bastards share a smile

Winter is, erm.., here?

Keeping up with the Targaryens


Way back at the beginning

More of the Bastards

Some touch-up

There can never be too many Dragons

Moments before the big resurrection

Pouting with Brienne of Tarth

‘Snow Problem


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