10 Natalie Dormer roles that you probably might’ve missed


There are lots of actors who have starred in numerous movies but are famous for their roles in just a few films. One of these actors is Natalie Dormer. She shot to prominence following her impressive performance as Margaery Tyrell in popular TV series, Game of Thrones. However, she has also featured in lots of other movies.

So vast and varied are the roles this gifted actress has taken on, that, keeping track of them would prove to be a herculean task. Nevertheless, here are 10 Natalie Dormer performances you might have forgotten about:


1. Elementary

The Elementary series followed the adventures of Sherlock Holmes in the modern age and it was a massive success. The show ran for several seasons and featured a plethora of exceptional actors. Given the impressive performances of the heroes of the series, it was only natural for there to be a couple of villains willing to have a go at the legendary Sherlock.

Dormer portrays one of these villains, Professor Moriarty, and delivers a rousing performance. Those not familiar with the show might not remember the role. Still, fans will not easily forget her part in the famous Irene Adler twist!


2. The Riot Club

This is a movie that examines the secret life of Britain’s upper class and the various kinds of trouble they run into. It is modelled off the famous clubs of the top Universities of Cambridge and Oxford, and it shows the carefree life these men lead in their youth.

Dormer’s stint in this movie, as a supporting character, came at a time when she was still an upcoming actress. While the film solely focuses on the male characters, Dormer’s role as an escort is equally essential.


3. Casanova

Take care not to mix this up with the BBC series parading David Tennant as the main character, as this is a movie version with Heath Ledger as the star of the show. The cast is an outstanding blend of rising talent and established actors, such as Jeremy Irons.

Although she featured in this relatively early on in her acting career, Natalie Dormer plays a significant role in this movie. She features as a woman actively looking to ruin Casanova and is willing to testify against him for the Catholic Church


4. Rush

Chris Hemsworth’s movie, which shows the nitty-gritty of Formula One racing is frenetic and savage with heart-wrenching scenes. The main character, played by Chris, is a lady-magnet, and his life is a casualty waiting to happen.

Dormer’s role in this movie is that of a nurse who is briefly attracted to that man. Her character is quite smart, as evidenced by the part and portrays the lifestyle led by Chris’ character.


5. Captain America: The First Avenger

It might come as a surprise to many, but Natalie Dormer featured as a supporting act in the original Captain America movie, The First Avenger. Her role, though minor, was key to further vital events in the film.

Dormer features as Private Lorraine, a military officer working with high ranking US officials from a military bunker during World War II. Her unsuccessful attempts to seduce Captain America lead to him pursuing a romantic relationship with Peggy. Hence, she plays a crucial part in the development of the story.


6. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

This series was recently released, and it boasts a massive cast with voice-overs throughout. Hence, it not at all surprising that many fans do not know that the talented Dormer features as one of the voices.

The fact that this series marks a return to Jim Henson’s world and the exquisite production involved has made it an instant fan-favourite. Natalie’s character, Onica, features in three episodes of the series. Still, there are speculations she will make a return in coming seasons.


7. Silk

The BBC has a penchant for releasing top-notch movies, and The Silk totally meets expectations. Many TV series have also adopted this title, but this particular one is about a group of lawyers and barristers, confronted with modern-day challenges of the British legal system.

It is full of suspense with some great acting and pretty good production. Dormer features as Niamh Cranitch, a member of a family well known in the legal system. Under intense pressure from family and friends, she struggles to attain the peak of her career.


8. The Counselor

Like ‘The Silk’, this is another movie based on the legal industry, but the storyline is quite different. It is about a lawyer who gets caught up in the world of crime and begins to work as a drug dealer.

Dormer plays the role of ‘the blonde’ in the film, and she has a brief encounter with the main character, portrayed by Michael Fassbender. She’s quite captivating and smart, and we can’t help but notice the similarities with Margaery Tyrell.


9. Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Mass Effect series of games is quite popular among video gamers. However, this particular release didn’t gain as much acceptance among fans. This is why most people do not realize Dormer has a voice-over role in the game.

Dormer is the voice of Lexi T’Perro, the sardonic and witty doctor of the ship responsible for medical advice and tactical, as well as emotional wisdom. She’s an essential member of the crew and Natalie handles this pretty well while showing off her wide vocal range.


10. W.E

This movie is pleasantly surprising as it was written, directed and produced by legendary pop singer, Madonna. It narrates the story of the British Royal Family and two women whose paths, and that of the royal family, frequently cross each other.

It’s quite an exciting project and a breath of fresh air, compared to other movies on this list. Natalie is an integral member of the Royal Family: The Queen’s mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, to be precise. She totally owned this role and puts on a performance that suggests greater things to come.


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